Hello! Today I have for you a download of #357 gifs of Chester Bennington, an FC who is tragically underused (look at him he's a little puppy please love him). He is known as the lead singer of Linkin Park. Some of the gifs are mine, but you do not need to credit. Credit for the rest of the gifs goes to their creators. Like if using or reblog if you're an rph, thanks and enjoy!


dear all of my motavator followers: i just made a new beth blog, its missnoelmota :)

Beth + Christmas Background 2013

does anyone on here do roleplay? i set up a 1x1 account but i dont know anyone who would roleplay with me!


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ill be making a gifset in the meantime but if youd like to see anything specific let me know!!

hello im sorry for being gone so long is there anything you guys would like to see me make?